If you improve a teacher's self esteem, confidence, communication skills or stress levels,

you improve the teacher's overall effectiveness across the curriculum. Elaine MacDonald.

Curriculum Leaders Shape Community

How are schools using technology to managing their delivery of curricula in general, linking it to the vital work of building school communities? The Big, Big Picture If, as John Dewey declares “Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life”, then the importance of schools in influencing the quality of human societies is aptly framed by the 1959 United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which defined children’s rights to education, along with the rights to protection, health care, shelter and good nutrition. Under UNICEF, the UN embarked on “an abiding concern with education, starting with support for teacher training and …

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A Self-Publishing Workflow For Schools

The digital disruption of the book industry has given rise to many opportunities, but the tools of self-publishing, content strategy and other digital methods are hard to access in the busy and complex culture of our schools.  Before I highlight possible scenarios which I believe would greatly benefit from the new configuration of the self-publishing digital world, I believe that it’s important to understand the self-publishing workflow now possible in schools. I believe it gives rise to first-hand and nuanced pedagogical stories that show how the progress and achievements made in teaching and learning are best told by authors who work in schools themselves. The approach has precedence in ethnography.  …

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What are you saying about your school’s curriculum?

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A Personal View Of Teachers As Writers

“Teachers, and the rest of society, are now positioned at a unique time in history, at a time when a range of opportunities for writers to publish has emerged. In particular, Web 2.0 and self-publishing have led to a myriad of opportunities to write and publish and to reach audiences previously unimagined. New and innovative text formats are now available, including online publishing with its associated multimedia and hypermodality.” Muriel Wells & Damien Lyons (2017) “Teachers as writers: What, where and when do teachers write?” Literacy Learning: the Middle Years, Vol 25, No. 2, p.32. As a writer of seven textbooks and many academic articles, I am a teacher and …

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Doing The Basics?

What do you think the phrase ‘doing the basics’ means? A debate rages on what constitutes essential knowledge and skills at every level of schooling – from early years to higher education. I want to propose that the arts sector has the ability to shift the debate by showing how there is no knowledge, skill or process more fundamental to teaching & learning than the elements that form the performing and visual arts.